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Fire damaged Ipe deck restoration

Fire damaged Ipe deck restoration

This deck had been damaged as a result from a smoker who wasn’t careful with their ashes. The customer had a party and apparently one of the guests had dropped some ashes or a cigarette butt into the mulch by the deck. The customer smelled some smoke before bedtime but couldn’t locate it and went to bed. The next morning the smoldering had turned into a full on fire and the deck was in flames. The fire department put it out but a good sized section had to be replaced. We came in and replaced the decking, some framing, and even rehung his gate even though it hadn’t been damaged, it just never worked right from the original guy who built the deck. We used hidden fasteners to secure the decking, stainless steel screws, and we had the decking pre-stained. The result was very nice, as you can see.

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