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Outdoor construction typically goes down in the winter, but this is particularly so in the Portland area. People just don’t think about their decks, fences, and outdoor living areas when they aren’t enjoying them. There is also the issue of people having the misconceived notion that contractors don’t work in the rain, not true. We at Deck Masters, llc work year round whenever there is work to be done. Just yesterday we finished a second story cedar deck and had to work right through the rain until it was completed. We set up a temporary tent for a dry cut station, wear appropriate rain gear, and basically make due. What we want people to understand is that there really is no better time to get work done on your deck, fence, or other outdoor structure than during the winter months. The reason for this is that when there is less demand, prices drop both on materials and labor. Also, when there is less work you get better customer service because we have more time on our hands to give it to you. Invariably every year that first burst of nice weather comes sometime in late spring or early summer and everyone starts calling us at once. It goes from us barely having work in the winter, to getting booked a month or more out. If those same people would have just called in January, Febuary, or March, we would have had almost immediate availability to attend to their needs. So our words about construction in the winter are: Yes, give us a call, we are here to do your building!