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Most companies will have some positive reviews to put on their web site, but the more important reviews are ones posted to other web sites by third parties. These are the ones you know you can trust because they can’t be filtered by the company being reviewed. With that said, we at Deck Masters, llc would like to invite you to take a look at some other sites where we have reviews. The first is on Google Maps :


This is where many people find our business during the busy season when we show up high in the search listing. Another good place to look if you are a member is Angie’s list. You can find us there just by logging in to Angieslist.com and searching for us. You do have to pay a membership fee to use their service however.

A third place to see independent reviews is Servicemagic.com. This is a lead referral service. It is similar to Angie’s list because people review companies there but it is different because they charge contractors for leads. This isn’t as good of a resource as Angie’s list or Google Maps but you can still see some independent reviews.

Another site where we have been featured is Insideoutadditions.com. They did a little feature on us for some of the projects we have done that they liked. We were also a featured contractor on Timbertech.com. Timbertech is the main type of composite we use for our composite decks and they made us a featured contractor in fall of 2009. We are also a member in good standing of the Elite contractor program with Timbertech which means they have reviewed our Timbertech projects and given us a seal of approval for the quality of our work.

Overall, if you review any or all of these sites you will see that we have independently verified positive customer reviews across the board. On sites where they have a graded rating system we exclusively have “A” ratings. There isn’t much more we can say than that, customer reviews don’t lie. At Deck Masters building decks is our passion. Customer service is our priority.