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Well, I just got back from going on the first annual Conrad Lumber Salmon fishing extravaganza 2012. Myself and about six other contractors who purchase materials from Conrad Lumber were invited to stay at the Riverwalk Inn in Astoria and go fishing in the ocean on July 15th along with the guys from Conrad Lumber themselves. I was really excited when they invited me because salmon fishing is one of my favorite things to do and I had never been fishing in Astoria before. As it turned out, the swells were 10′ high and everyone but myself and two other guys got sick. So it was bad news for them but good news for me because I got to watch over about four rods! Unfortunately, all the fish I caught were either too small or natives so I didn’t get a keeper. All together we managed to get five keepers for ten guys. I ended up getting to take home half a salmon, which is in a brine in my refrigerator right now and will be smoked by days end. Another interesting part of my trip was meeting my direct deck building competitors. I liked everyone I met, it was a unique opportunity to swap stories and business information, it was also fun just to get other deck builder’s opinions on what materials they like and dislike. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope I get invited back next year!