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"Hog Panel" fencing

“Hog Panel” fencing

I’m writing this blog post on November 18th, 2014. I always forget how nice the “slow” season is. We stay busy enough construction wise, yet I have time to slow down and tend to all the things I’m too busy to address during the hectic summer months. One of those things is writing a post about the very popular “hog panel” fencing we install. We first started installing it several years ago and its popularity has done nothing but increase. In this modern age of social media, sites like Pinterest can cause a picture of a project someone has built become an internet trend as people share the photo with one another via the site. This can be a good thing for the person or company who built the project if they are looking for more work building that type of project. It can also be a bad thing if it attracts people fishing for information which just wastes the company’s time. Pictures of our hog panel fences have apparently become very popular among people looking to have that style of fence installed at their homes. One time a woman had found one of our pictures on-line and decided she would use that photo to explain to a contractor the style she was looking for. She was surprised when she clicked on the photo’s link to discover the contractor who built the fence was right here in Portland, it was us! Obviously we were well suited to install the fence for her since we are THE specialists in this style in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Unfortunately however, a high percentage of the phone calls we get for hog panel fences are not people in Portland looking to hire someone to build one for them. We get a surprising number of people calling us about this style of fence from all over the country, whom we can’t help. Other competitors call us because they can’t figure out where to purchase the heavy duty galvanized wire. Many do-it-yourselfer’s call us trying to figure out not only where to purchase materials but also how to construct it. People think we sell the panels pre-built, we don’t, every thing is built on-site. They sometimes want us to sell them plans for it, we don’t sell plans. I would estimate between e-mail and phone calls we are contacted over 200 times a year and maybe 15% of those people are the right fit for us. We do not sell materials, we are a construction company. We do not offer free advise on how to build our products, that would be counter productive. We also to not give away our trade secrets as to where we get our materials. I’m sorry, but unless you are a Portland metro resident looking for a contractor to install a hog panel fence for you, we cannot be of service. One last note, the style of hog panel fence we install with the heavy 4″ square galvanized metal infill is more expensive than a basic cedar fence, you can expect to pay somewhere in the $32-$40/ ft. range depending on size, options, and demolition needs.