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This project was quite large as it actually connected a Mother-in-law home to the larger home right next to it. The grandparents moved into the smaller home and wanted a better way to get from one house to the other. We wrapped one deck all the way around the house and made a long pathway to get to the other house. Since it also covered the front of the Mother-in-law house, the customer wanted to do something different than Composite. So we suggested Mbrico tile decking. It is a structural tile that has no grout so the water passes through it to the ground below. It is made in Italy and it a fantastic product with many available colors. For the front fascia we used cultured stone to match the existing columns on the house. We used Trex Island Mist decking for the rest of the deck and installed an aluminum railing in black from American Structures and Design. This was a fantastic addition to the homes that increased their values considerably!