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This home owner bought his house right after the 2008 crash. So it was relatively new but the builder had built the outdoor areas cheaply to save on cost. As a result all the fencing needed replaced, both the front and back decks needed replaced, and railing needed to be installed on the front concrete stairs as well. So there were several different projects on this job. The fencing is our “true privacy” style stained in Oxford brown and with a small retaining wall below it. The front porch has Trex Transcends composite railing and a rarely used Tongue and Groove style of Trex composite in the spiced rum color. The front concrete steps have black Trex Reveal aluminum railing. The back deck is in Trex tiki torch color and we installed a grate in it because the A/C unit was below it and needed to vent upwards. Lastly, the custom gate we installed adds a nice touch with a copper framed window. These projects really spruced the outdoor environment up here!